How to Submit

The Schuylkill Valley Journal (SVJ) is both an online and print journal. The online journal is posted every two months. The print journal is published in late spring and late fall. The SVJ publishes poetry, short stories, flash fiction, essays, and personal reflections. We prefer previously unpublished work though published work is acceptable in some circumstances (indicate where previously published). Simultaneous submissions are accepted but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. All submissions will be considered for both our print and online journals.


All submissions should be sent in .doc or .rtf file format only, in Times New Roman 12-point font. Except for poetry (see specific Poetry guidelines below), all genres should be double-spaced. Include a 50-word bio and any notes regarding previous publication. Files should meet these guidelines or they may go unread.


Poetry: Because of the volume of poetry we receive, we ask that you DO NOT submit poetry through the general link below, but directly to the poetry editor, Bernadette McBride, at We accept both free and formal verse, a variety of subjects and styles, and encourage you to read the journal and acquaint yourself with our general aesthetic before submitting. Send 3-5 poems and a 50-word bio in .doc or .rtf file format only, 12-point Times New Roman font, single-spaced and justified to the left (specific line or stanza indentations within a poem are acceptable). We prefer one poem per page (a well-crafted longer poem may go to a second page, but should be no more than two pages). Please include your last name and the words “Poetry Submission” in the subject line of your email. Files should meet these guidelines or they may go unread.


Short Stories: Send 1-2 stories. Approximately 3,000-5000 words; however, the preferred length for short stories is around 3,000. We like fiction that tells a story or illuminates a character. We look for original use of language, fresh voices and diversity. We also seek writers who have insights into the mysteries of everyday life, relationships and the world around us. Stories can pose questions and answer them or not; however, they must be well-crafted.


Flash Fiction: Short fiction up to 2,500 words. Stories must be stories and contain: Problem. Conflict. Resolution. We like funny, sad, ugly, beautiful stories, with a dose of insight. We love irony. Above all, stories must be well-written. So please proofread your work before sending it to us. Send 1-3 stories in the body of an email (attachments will not be opened), with a cover letter and brief bio (no more than 75 words) to

If your work is accepted, we will ask you to submit a doc or docx version of your story. Submissions must be original, previously unpublished, and in English. Please wait to receive a response to your work before sending additional material. Work published that first appears in the SVJ Online may also be included in the print edition.


Essays/Articles: Ranging between 750—1,200 words (2000 max) will be considered for publication online. Articles greater than 1,200 words (4,ooo max) will only be considered for print publication. We prefer the following types of material: Articles on Philadelphia, interviews, subjects of a general, literary, or artistic interest, historical perspectives, and personal reflections.


Copyright: By submitting a work to the SVJ, the contributor agrees that the Schuylkill Valley Journal reserves first rights and the right to republish material online. All other rights belong to the contributor. The SVJ does not claim ownership of syndicated material from other sources, and proper credit will be given as necessary. We request the same courtesy from our peers. All rights are similarly reserved by the SVJ.


Payment: The SVJ does not pay contributors. We are a volunteer publication. It would be ideal if we had the funds to pay contributors, but for now, the best we can do is to share your work with our audience, and leave you with a heartfelt and sincere thanks.