From a Train Window

by Michele A. Belluomini


it’s nearing 5pm this second of November
and the light is glowing on the trees

I watch the countryside roll away
while geese fly chevrons overhead

how to describe such light
sunset’s molten copper burnishes air

unreal, real
as real, unreal my face in the train’s window

now houses small and large the sere grass
become more than what they are in day’s bright light

here and there house lights flicker
a hawk circles one last time before settling

tapestry of trees, fields, houses grow dimmer
sky, a delicate blue; the inside of a porcelain cup

and then, dark.


A Note About the Author: Michele Belluomini’s poetry has appeared in a number of print and online journals. Her books of poetry are Crazy Mary & Others, and Signposts for Sleepwalkers. She has read at various venues throughout the city.  She is Adjunct Library Faculty at Phila. Community College.