letter from the editor

Dear Readers:

The winter 2016 print issue of the Schuylkill Valley Journal includes a special section devoted to Lou McKee who has been a remarkable presence in the lives of many who reside in the Philadelphia area.  The SVJ’s winter 2016 issue sets a new record, weighing in at 239 pages (70 pages longer than any previous issue.)  The primary reason for this issue’s length is the result of my commitment to serve Lou at this fifth anniversary of his passing.  I ask those readers who believe the spirit of the SVJ is a cause worth supporting, as well as those who have found a place in its pages, to consider making a donation. We aspire that the journal continues to flourish.

I encourage you to read Lou McKee’s article “The Deal.”  Here are a couple notable passages that will hit home for anyone who strives to make the literary community a better place and receives no monetary compensation for such efforts:

“I tried to keep going, of subscribing, as well to any magazine that had the sweet decency to accept my work.  A quid pro quo, the least I could do…besides it was not an issue all that often… As for the rest of you: I get it man. And good luck to you. Enabler that I am, I will throw a few dollars your way whenever I can and I will pay entry fees – I mean, I am trusting you, friend. We all are.”

There will be a special Lou McKee celebration reading at the Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center on Sunday, January 8, from 2:45 to 5:30. Attendees are invited to share their favorite Lou McKee poems.

You can make a donation by buying a print issue of the SVJ from Amazon or by sending a donation using the SVJ’s website.  You can also write me for further information, providing your name and address to macpoet1@aol.com. Hope to see you at the Lou McKee celebration reading.

Peter Krok,