60 Years Later: What Separate Tables Can Teach Us about Gender and Toxic Masculinity

Released 60 years ago, Separate Tables, directed by Delbert Mann, feels ahead of its time, especially in the context of the #MeToo Movement, the Women’s March, and the recent criticism of toxic masculinity. The 1958 film features female characters that thwarted the conventions of the time and a male character who embellishes his personal history to fit into a rigid gender construct.

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A skeleton key has been “reduced to its essential parts.” [1]

Revising a poem to what you want to say—need to say—is much of the work required on your journey to create something worthwhile. As you craft a poem, you sculpt language, razor away distraction, dissolve false paths, abolish esoteric digressions, and so on—until you have done the hard labor that encourages a valuable reading experience with a generous, thought-provoking takeaway. Each poem is the wheel anew, conjured as if out of nothing. 


Mark Danowsky
Managing Editor for the SVJ
August 2017



[1] Collins English Dictionary